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The loss of one electron often  turns an atom from negative to positive.

Five simple rules of  happiness:
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.


Breathe in Faith...

Breathe out Fear...


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5 Stages of Grief
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance


Depression is often Anger turned inward!


One Day at a Time


True addiction recovery lies in the ability to deal with root issues, not simply medicate the symptoms of them."


You do not have to carry yesterday's hurt and damaged feelings into today.

 A fresh supply of new feelings is yours for the taking!


"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path!"

Addictions List 

Alcoholism Chart
Drug Addiction Signs
Gambling Addiction Chart

Addictions List

The following list of addictions is just a partial list.

Anything taken to an extreme can become an addiction. 

This list of addictions is provided as a reference for multiple addicts to allow them to more quickly realize the full extent of their dependencies.

Not all addicts will be addicted to the same things, many blends, combinations and permutations will exist simultaneously with the multiple addict. As well, all addictions usually start with a positive result but end up becoming a commitment in themselves.

 All addictions block positive energy flow in the body.

  • A - Addictions beginning with A

    •  Alcohol

      • A common addiction which seems acceptable in social situations but is very progressive.

      • Also a sugar addiction as alcohol and sugar are similar in chemical makeup and synthesize in the body in similar ways.

      • A depressant type drug which leads to very complicated  and repetitive depressions

    •  Aspirin

      • Usually acceptable for small pains and fevers and taken in small dosages for heart health. Excesses are not good

    •  Aerosol sniffing

    •  Action - any activity that is risky and produces adrenalin

    •  Adrenalin

      • The body self produces this 'fight or flight' drugs.

      • Is progressive needing greater risks to achieve the same feeling

    •  Amphetamines

    •  Anti Depressants

      •  Addiction to prescribed medications is quite common

      •  Because a series of educated professionals have been involved in the process of this addiction it is quite hard to stop.

      •  Often depressions occur as a result of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and/or sugar addictions. These root addictions need to be addressed to achieve good recovery. 

      •  Anti Depressants generally are designed to trigger the release of a self produced hormonal drug called serotonin which is the feel good drug produced by the body. The addiction to the anti depressant is actually an addiction to the self produced drug serotonin. Good recovery will include ways to naturally trigger the serotonin. One way of doing this is included in the 12 step way of recovery - particularly in the 12th step - by doing random acts of kindness.

    •  Anime

    •  Applause

    •  Art

      • Getting high to produce better art is common. Also the lifestyle of an impoverished artist  can be addictive.

      • Collecting art one can not afford may create adrenalin like compulsive shopping or gambling.

    •  Arson

    •  Asthma

      • A condition that is often worsened by the addiction to the rescue medication

      • Adrenalin is produced when the asthmatic fights for the next breath to the point where life threatening experiences become regular and no longer cause the body to produce the required adrenalin

    •  Attention

    •  Authority

    •  Auto Racing


  • B -  Addictions beginning with B

    • Bulimia

      • Purging excess calories from a binge by vomiting or over exercising

      • The actual addiction is to the eating part.. often sugar addiction

    • Barbiturates

      • A common drug addiction

    • Betting

      • Gamblers get a high from the adrenalin produced by their bodies while in action.

      • The larger the risk the greater the amount of adrenalin

    • Beastiality

      • Sex with animals to produce adrenalin and endorphins present in sex situations.

      • Carries a great deal of guilt and shame in today's religious society

      • Guilt and shame also produces addictive adrenalin directly in the body.

    •  Body Building


  • C -  Addictions beginning with C

    • Colas

      • Many soft drinks contain large amounts of addictive sugar and caffeine which create mood swings and may be diagnosed as polar or other manic behavioral disorders.

      • Sugar assimilates in the body the same way alcohol does and is a strong depressant.

      • Symptoms of sugar addiction are often heavy depressions and manic behavior.

    • Codependency

      • An adrenalin addiction caused by living in chaos

      • Codependents will often force crisis to get another supply of adrenalin

      • Codependents often hide their more socially acceptable addictions behind another persons addictions

      • All addicts are co dependents as well

    • Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

      • A common powerful and illegal street drug

      • High is produced from the drug and as well the illegal activity produces adrenalin

    • Caffeine

      • Produces a high when coffee, tea, soft drinks or chocolate are consumed

      • Usually socially acceptable but it is progressive and the body requires more drug to get same feeling over time

      • Usually combined with sugar for an even greater high

      • Like any high the resulting lows are present and cause severe depressions and mood swings

    •  Coffee

    • Coin collecting

      • Usually a nice hobby but any hobby can become a compulsion in the hands of a multiple addict

      • Expensive and can produce a gamblers adrenalin high by overestimating the value of finds

      • Adrenalin is addictive and progressive so greater finds must be made.

    • Crime

      • Pure adrenalin in it's highest form when life or reputation is threatened

      • Addictive in that higher risks must be taken to achieve the same high.

      • Very difficult cycle to interrupt as punishments also produce life threatening experiences which keep the addiction going.

    • Coffee

      • Produces a caffeine high when consumed

      • Usually socially acceptable but it is progressive and the body requires more drug to get same feeling over time

      • Usually combined with sugar for an even greater high

      • Like any high the resulting lows are present and cause severe depressions and mood swings

      • Depressions associated with coffee addictions are often misdiagnosed and simply add heavy medications to the addicts life.

      • Withdrawal from caffeine is about four days of flue like symptoms which is relatively short if cut out completely and compared to years of taking anti depressants.

  • D - Addictions beginning with D

    • Drugs

      • Illegal Street drugs produce various highs as well as adrenalin highs associated with illegal activities

      • Prescription drugs for depression related disorders often medicate symptoms when the root causes may be simple sugar and caffeine addictions

        • Many over the counter drugs contain large amounts of sugar as well which add to depressions and manic behaviors

      • Some medical drugs are helpful of course.

    • Drunk Driving

      • An adrenalin high produced by the high risk illegal activity of drinking and driving.

      • Extremely high risk as life is usually at stake.

    • Diuretics

      • Eating disorder associated addiction

      • Produces adrenalin which gives a feeling of power over ones self

  • E - Addictions beginning with E

    • Ego

      • You name it!

    • Exercising (excessive)

      • Adrenalin and endorphins produced

      • Addictive and progressive in that more exertion must be accomplished to achieve the same high.

    • Endorphins

      • A healthy drug produced in the body and brain

      • Unhealthy sex, porn, crime, gambling and exercise addictions are symptoms of this basic drug addiction 

  • F - Addictions beginning with F

    • Fantasizing (excessive) as opposed to dreaming, 

    • Food addiction

      • Usually associated with the results of cravings caused by sugar addiction

      • Artificial sweeteners are appetite enhancers and cause huge cravings

      • Excessive food can act as a dull feelings

    • Fetishes

      • adrenalin addiction caused by self created adrenalin induced by the fear or fantasy

    • Fame

  • G - Addictions beginning with G

    • Gambling

      • Gamblers get a high from the adrenalin produced by their bodies while in action.

      • The larger the risk the greater the amount of adrenalin

  • H - Addictions beginning with H

    • Heroin and Opium

    • Husbands (relationships),

  • I - Addictions beginning with I

    • Isolation

    • Imagination

      • A good characteristic in most cases, but a luxury for an early recovering addict ... and a self destructive minefield for a practicing addict.

      • Living in "your head" is common amongst all addicts

      • One statistic is that addicts do approximately 80,000 words of self talk per day - so this addicted ' head ' is a very busy place

      • One saying in 12 step programs is that the head is like 'a dangerous neighborhood, do not go there alone'

      • The lack of reliable structure in today's daily life leaves a lot of room for imaginative research

    • Internet

      • Many addictions are available on the internet

      • Sex, Porn, gambling, relationships to name a few

      • Most porn and gambling activities produce adrenalin which is highly addictive.

  • J - Addictions beginning with J

    • Joking about serious matters

      • Hiding behind humor is usually a codependent family behavior

    • Job (workaholism)

      • An addiction to the controllable living space afforded by work

      • Provides the endorphins associated with being appreciated

    • Junk collecting


  • K - Addictions beginning with K

    • Kinky sex - see sex addiction below

    • Kleptomania

      • A form of adrenalin addiction where a high is produced by the illegal act of theft. 

  • L - Addictions beginning with L

    • Lust

    • Laziness

    • Love

    • Lacquer thinners

    • Liquor

  • M - Addictions beginning with M

    • Masturbation

    • Masochism,

    • Meetings (as in hiding in meeting)

    • Men

    • Marriage

    • Muscle Relaxants

    • Marijuana

    • MSG

  • N - Addictions beginning with N

    • Nicotine

    • Narcotics

  • O - Addictions beginning with O

    • Over achieving

    • Over eating

      • Usually affiliated with sugar addiction

    • Over working

    • Over anything can become an addiction

    • Occult

  • P - Addictions beginning with P

    • Prayer (without action)

    • Pleasure

    • Phobia's

      • Blocked energy due to overwhelmed or unidentifiable feelings which produce 'fight or flight' adrenalin within the body.

      • Sometimes caused by unresolved grief

      • Abusive situations may also be a phobia breeding ground as family or others who should be trusted are not trustworthy leaving gaps in an individuals structure system.

    • Prescription Drugs

      • Addiction or dependence upon prescribed medications.

      • Commonly, though not always, is within the mood modifying drug family.

      • Giving up the long dependencies on prescribed drugs is best done with the help of medical professionals and sometimes requires a detoxification facility to ease unpredictable withdrawal symptoms 

    • Pornography

    • People Pleasing

    • Perfectionism

    • Pain Killers

  • Q - Addictions beginning with Q

    • Quintessential Behavior (perfectionism)... sorry had to have aQ :)

  • R - Addictions beginning with R

    • Religion

      • It is wise to examine ones attitudes in all areas.

    • Relationships - Click here for relationships page

    • Racetrack betting and action

    • Risky behaviors

      • Sports or work related high risk ventures

      • Adrenalin addiction caused by receiving large doses of self produced adrenalin

  •  S - Addictions beginning with S

    •  Sedatives

    •  Sex Addiction - Click here for sex inventory workbook

      • In abusive or negative forms sex can be an adrenalin addiction caused by receiving large amounts of self produced adrenalin

        • Adrenalin addiction is a progressive addiction where exciting events become usual and greater excitement must be reached to produce the same high.

        • This is dangerous when sex acts are used to produce the adrenalin as abusive situations may occur

      • Sexuality is often confusing and care must be taken to not block sexual energy, which is necessary to achieve a positive energy flow through the body.

    •  Sadism

      • Adrenalin addiction caused receiving self produced adrenalin in a slave /master situation

      • Common in codependent relationships

    •  Satanism

      • Adrenalin addiction caused by receiving large doses of self produced adrenalin leading up to and during highly charged rituals or ceremonies

      • In extreme cases where sacrificial ceremonies occur the adrenalin is increased by ingesting still more highly concentrated adrenalin found in blood of freshly sacrificed animal.

        • The combined high is often thought to be spiritual when it is actually double dosing on adrenalin

    •  Smoking

      • Addiction to nicotine and other addictive substances present in tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, opium and other sources

      • The smoked substances also sometimes include other hidden addictive substances to make them an even larger rush and a more marketable product.

    •  Shopping

    •  Serotonin - the self produced drug of choice for manic   depression and bipolar folks

    •  SELF - ego

    •  Self Help Books, programs

    •  Self Mutilation

    •  Spotlights (see fame)

    •  Sniffing Solvents

    •  Sleeping

    •  Sleeping Pills

    •  Shock Treatments 

    •  Speed

    •  Steroids


  • T - Addictions beginning with T

    •  Torturing - emotionally or physically - Power addiction

    •  Television

    •  Therapy - codependency as opposed to getting on with life.

    •  Thinners

    •  THC

    •  Thrills

    •  Tobacco

    •  Tramadol

    •  Tranquilizers

    •  Travel

    •  Trichotillomania - Pulling out own hair compulsively.


  • U - Addictions beginning with U

    • Ultram - Narcotic Like Pain Reliever aka Tramadol

    • Underachieving 


  • V - Addictions beginning with V

    •  Valium

    •  Vandalism

    •  Vicodin - watch some old shows of the series  "House!"

    •  Video

    •  Video Games

    •  Violence

    •  Voodoo

    •  Vomiting - see Bulimia

    •  Voyeurism


  • W - Addictions beginning with W

    •  Wealth

    •  Weed

    •  Weightlifting

    •  Women

    •  Work

    •  Wheat Flour - Carbohydrates


  • X - Addictions beginning with X

    •  X-box - see Gaming

    •  XXX Movies and Magazines


  • Y - Addictions beginning with Y

    • Young Sex


  • Z - Addictions beginning with Z

    • Zoo sex (sex with animals)


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