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The loss of one electron often  turns an atom from negative to positive.

Five simple rules of  happiness:
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.


Breathe in Faith...

Breathe out Fear...


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5 Stages of Grief
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance


Depression is often Anger turned inward!


One Day at a Time


True addiction recovery lies in the ability to deal with root issues, not simply medicate the symptoms of them."


You do not have to carry yesterday's hurt and damaged feelings into today.

 A fresh supply of new feelings is yours for the taking!


"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path!"


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"Every sponsor is a leader.  The stakes
are about as big as they could be.  A human
life and usually the happiness of a whole
family hang in the balance.  What the sponsor
does and says, how well he/she estimates the reactions
of his prospects, how well he/she times and makes his
presentation, how well he handles criticisms, and
how well he/she leads his prospect on by personal
spiritual example -- these qualities of leadership
can make all the difference, often the difference
between life and death."

 from "Leadership in A.A.: Ever a Vital Need:"

How Sponsorship Works

New 12 step members are encouraged to ‘find a sponsor’ as soon as possible after entering a 12 step fellowship. With many new members the first thought that pops into mind is why?

New members often enter the recovery program with their mind full of why questions: why me?, why did it happen?, why couldn’t I control my gambling?, why couldn’t I stop on my own?, and many others.

A sponsor’s initial responsibility is to help the new member to understand the particular recovery program and how it will work. This may involve explaining the practices and procedures that will be encountered when attending meetings, and dispelling the misunderstandings and fears that many newcomers have. It is easier to get an explanation, from one individual in private, why something is done a certain way, than it is to ask a room full of strangers.

A sponsor becomes a tangible link for the newcomer to the program. Sometimes newcomers encounter problems that cannot wait until a regular meeting for resolution, but need immediate attention. A sponsor is available to allow the member to share the problem and to provide guidance in its resolution. The sponsor’s role is to assist in the newcomer’s recovery, not to do it for them.

Many addicts have shut out everyone and everything while using. To recover from their addiction members need to let others in.

  •  Do it for yourself; not by yourself - choose a sponsor!

  •  Sponsors:

    •  Have one

    •  Use one

    •  Be one

Attending meetings regularly, and sharing is one of the ways that new members can begin  the recovery process. Many new members have experienced difficulty sharing at  meetings, and encounter even greater difficulty when the issues are of a deep and personal nature. It is these times when the new member requires someone in whom they can confide. This is the role of the sponsor.

A sponsor is a member of who has been in the program "long enough to acquire a mature understanding of the recovery program". A sponsor should be someone in whom you have trust, as you will be confiding to them matters which you may not wish to disclose in a meeting."

A sponsor should be chosen as soon as possible after entering the recovery program.  The sponsor should be someone whom the new member can relate to; someone who may have had some of the experiences the new member  had while gambling, or any other aspect upon which a bond may be established, and not simply because they are a 'nice person'.

A sponsor will make every effort to be available to the new member to offer alternative thoughts and options on the issues that are troubling a new member. 

Sponsors assist in making necessary decisions, but do not provide solutions.

NEW! Drunk Driving Workbook

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  • Help to identify causes like Adrenalin and endorphins associated with high risk behaviors
  • Help to establish a effective support group to assist with arresting this behavior
  • Help to establish a workable time frame to achieve the goal of stopping drinking and driving
  • Helpful Hints on how to identify Dissassociation
  • Helpful Hints on how to Grieve the loss of this behavior
  • Help to maintain the ability to not drink and drive
  • Avoid DUI - Stop Today!

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Dean Brandhagen

Dean Brandhagen has over 34 years of assisting recovering addicts rebuild their lives and families

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Sex Inventory 2008

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When All Else fails use Rule 62.



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If you are a multiple addict and having trouble getting through the modern diagnosis process to gain an effective recovery, please read through these pages.




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